As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I find the most invaluable things I can work on with my early learners are early language concepts!

I know, What a concept, right?

It's so important in the formulation of early language and vocabulary skills that kiddos embrace, learn and understand those concepts because, as we all know, they are the building blocks of effective language and speech.

Whether they are quantitative or qualitative concepts, they are essential in developing receptive language and expressive language.

And the earlier kiddos start working on them, the better.

That's why it's so important, when choosing resources for your SLP sessions (whether those resources are toys, books, or assessment materials) you make sure they are as rife with as many early language concepts as possible.

I've always felt this way; which is one of the reasons why - while still working as a school-based SLP, I've created and developed a line of concept-heavy, language- building toys.

I wanted to make sure I had resources that addressed the myriad things I wanted to address.

In my case, necessity was the mother of my invention!

Concepts are the guiding force behind SmartFelt Toys.

Sure, kids love that they can use My Little Farm, My Little House (and soon, My Little Zoo - look for it in Fall 2020) flat on a tabletop...


OR magically convert them into fun, reversible 3-Dimensional structures...

And my fellow SLPs, teachers, clinicians and parents love that it's made of old-school tactile, multi-sensory felt (who doesn't want their kids off computers, phones and iPad screens?)

But to me,  is the built-in concepts that make all the difference from an early language standpoint and that get kids talking.

That is why I made sure every one of the sticking and matching felt pieces in our products has a purpose!!! Each and every felt piece addresses a meaningful language concept!

My kids cannot pick up a piece with out falling into my trap,  and being pulled unwittingly into a lesson reinforcing various concepts.

Concepts like ...
-Under/On Top
-Next To
-Behind/In Front

And to fortify concepts, we can turn to our beloved WH QUESTIONS.

Regardless of what resource you use in your session as a Speech-Language Pathologist, you are limited only by your imagination as to how to use these and other crucial concepts to get your kiddos conversing.

And learning.

Just make sure whatever materials you use, you get your kids comparing and contrasting, counting , recognizing, narrating and answering your questions.

What a CONCEPT, eh?
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