Get Kids Talking Early

Founded and owned by a Speech Pathologist, SmartFelt Toys makes award-winning, multi-sensory, interactive felt toys that build early language!

With literacy rates dropping and Autism rates skyrocketing, it is more important than ever to get kids engaged with language and vocabulary as early as possible.

Beginning with My Little House, and now with My Little Farm, our multi-purpose educational toys have been universally embraced as toys that inspire, involve and engage ALL kids, regardless of their level.

The Smart in smartfelt

Our unique toy design allows kids to use them flat on a table top or easily transform them into reversible 3-dimensional play sets.

All our soft, stickable felt pieces address all the important early language concepts. Every one of these sensory pieces has a purpose!

Kids can match them or create their own stories!

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Speech Therapy Education

The heart in smartfelt

Yvonne Johansen has been working as a Speech Therapist with little ones for more than 30 years.

Her passion for helping others, coupled with her enthusiasm for working with children, serves as the foundation of SmartFelt Toys.

She has worked in schools on both coasts, including in both special day classrooms and in mainstream ones.

She's also provided home based early intervention services and had her own successful private practice. 

She is currently the lead Speech Pathologist at a charter school in Hollywood, CA.

Authentically mom & pop

SmartFelt Toys is literally a mom and pop shop.

Helping Yvonne run the company out of their Sherman Oaks, California home is husband Peter, a former television producer, who has joyfully left the tv biz behind for the much-more-satisfying world of educational toys.

They live in Sherman Oaks, CA with their son, Kristoffer, whose love of felt boards inspired his mom.

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