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  • How to Create a Positive Learning Environment

    The debate about the ideal learning environment has been ongoing through the centuries, and the shape and style of classrooms has shifted to meet different needs and follow different visions about learning. What makes this debate exciting is the many learning settings that have developed, from seminars to apprenticeships to mixed-age classrooms and self-paced online courses. There is most likely no single best learning environment, as different elements are conducive to different types of lea...

    2020, Good riddance! If you're anything like us, you cannot wait to turn the page on this most heartbreaking, nerve wracking and devastating year anyone under 100 years of age can remember. It was a year of lost loved ones, lost businesses, lost jobs, lost homes and lost faith. Simply horrible. Almost no words to describe the toll this pandemic has taken on us all. Like 300,000 plus other American families, we also lost a parent to this scourge, and were - sadly and helplessly - not able to b...

    As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I find the most invaluable things I can work on with my early learners are early language concepts!

    I know, What a concept, right?

    It's so important in the formulation of early language and vocabulary skills that kiddos embrace, learn and understand those concepts because, as we all know, they are the building blocks of effective language and speech.

    SIZE DOES MATTER! Sometimes Necessity actually is the Mother of Invention. I know it certainly was the mother of my invention.For 20 years as an Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), I lugged a therapy bag around from home to home, school to school and clinic to clinic. That trusty bag o' mine would be stuffed to the gills with a variety of tools and toys. Because every kid's needs are different; every session required different go-to resources; games, flash cards, felt boards, tactile toys, mem...

    If memory serves, and more often than not these days it doesn't, I was seeing around six students a day.

    So this bright eyed neophyte with what felt like a 3-ton therapy bag, was servicing approximately thirty 0-3 year-olds a week.  Yikes!

    To be honest, I can't recall any of their names.

    Except for one. 


    Luke was my first autistic client.
  • Sensory Toys: Put the Batteries Away

    Hey there Parents, SLPs and educators - The other day, a good friend of mine (and fellow therapist) and I were talking about great toys that promote early language for her grand daughter. We talked about the onslaught of electronic toys taking over the aisles of toy stores and websites. We remarked that nowadays most toys either speak, sing, belch, squawk, whistle, shriek, move, light up or some combination of all of them. What happened to good old-fashioned sensory toys? Yikes! While toys wi...