Let's Talk Speech Therapy

    As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I find the most invaluable things I can work on with my early learners are early language concepts!

    I know, What a concept, right?

    It's so important in the formulation of early language and vocabulary skills that kiddos embrace, learn and understand those concepts because, as we all know, they are the building blocks of effective language and speech.

    SIZE DOES MATTER! Sometimes Necessity actually is the Mother of Invention. I know it certainly was the mother of my invention.For 20 years as an Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), I lugged a therapy bag around from home to home, school to school and clinic to clinic. That trusty bag o' mine would be stuffed to the gills with a variety of tools and toys. Because every kid's needs are different; every session required different go-to resources; games, flash cards, felt boards, tactile toys, mem...


    Nobody likes a bully. Nobody.

    And that includes the bully himself.

    It's the reason bullies bully in the first place.

    Bullies hate themselves and project that hate on others, usually they ones they perceive as inferior to themselves.

    Of course, bullying comes in many forms: physical, emotional, mental, positional.

    Kids bully kids, adults bully kids and adults bully adults.

    Bullying is never okay,  but there's something exceptionally unseemly about the recent potshots at Joe Biden's well documented lifelong struggle with stuttering.

    #stuttering #speechpathology #learningdisabilities #bullying #autism


    If memory serves, and more often than not these days it doesn't, I was seeing around six students a day.

    So this bright eyed neophyte with what felt like a 3-ton therapy bag, was servicing approximately thirty 0-3 year-olds a week.  Yikes!

    To be honest, I can't recall any of their names.

    Except for one. 


    Luke was my first autistic client.
  • Speech Therapy in the Movies

    After finishing up a lesson plan the other night, I collapsed in front of the television and switched on the guide. HBO was showing a great little film, The King's Speech. It had been awhile since I saw it last, so I grabbed some popcorn and got comfy. Okay it was a glass of wine, not popcorn. Don't judge me! Starring Colin Firth, The King's Speech was one of the most talked about films of 2011. This small British film about the real life relationship between an unorthodox speech therapist an...